Roland DeWolfe Poker Poker Game Strategy Sat, 17 Jun 2017 05:25:46 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Become a Professional Poker Player Sat, 17 Jun 2017 05:25:46 +0000 It is very simple to say that playing poker is easy – just sitting in front of the computer and playing against some other gamblers. Actually, the tactics of playing successful poker are quite difficult to be learned. But once you start practising this game it will become your favorite job and soon you will dream about taking part in great events and winning money.

For participating in big tournaments you should learn to play well and have some experience as an online poker player. You should know a few tips, which will help you to become a good competitor.

First of all, you should know that the professional poker players don’t just have this title since they were born. Every professional poker player train hard and has a great amount of knowledge, skills and strategy. If you want to become a successful poker competitor you should be like a good businessman and learn how to maximize your earnings. A player’s income depends on his bankroll, skills and luck. And if you want to succeed you should know the most important factors, which influence your game.

You should learn to compare your skills to the other players’ abilities. In this way you can see objectively your mistakes. Follow the number of hands that you play per hour. As many hands play, as many chances you have to become the winner. Knowing which hands to play and which to fold is also very important for you to become a professional player. If you follow these basic tips you will become a skillful professional gambler.

Your manner of playing is also a key to your professional realization. If you play online, you will see that the game goes faster than in a real poker room. But playing online will give you the opportunity to play at two different tables and see many more mistakes you shouldn’t do. On the Internet you can play more hands per hour, which makes you train more than in an ordinary poker room. If you are a regular online poker player you meet many different kinds of players, so your chance to learn much better all essential parts of the game is higher. If you want to become a professional player, you should focus on just one poker variation and learn it thoroughly.

All professional poker players play this game that will bring them a lot of earnings, because they compete for money not just for pleasure. Such players are often considered as entertainers, so you should learn to enjoy while playing. For a professional poker player the playing skills are much more important than for a beginner. The skillful player doesn’t rely only on his luck as a newbie, but practise every day in order to become better.

Many gamblers, who have enough money to become professional players, never achieve that. This is because they are not devoted enough to the game. If you want to be among the professional players, you should forget about everything when you play poker. And just when you start to win more and more often, you can name yourself a professional poker player.

There are a lot of professional poker players. Remember that to be a professional is a job not just fun and to keep yourself a solid poker player you should practise every day.

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How to Profit from Poker Sat, 17 Jun 2017 05:25:41 +0000 Probably, you would agree that recently the poker’s popularity has tremendously grown all over the world. Actually, the revolutionary technical development of internet gives us the great opportunity to participate in an online tournament.

Before starting to play an online poker game session, you should know that the main goal in it is quite similar to the traditional one. There is, however, a difference in regard to the rules that the internet sites enforce on the gamblers.

It will certainly take time to become a winner even in an online game. If you are an experienced poker player, you already know that in an online poker game, you can take a look at your cards before making a bet. As a matter of fact, all participants in an online tournament have to bet before the cards are dealt. The prize pool in each competition will go to the player who has the best ranked hand or is the only one left at the table after everyone else has already folded.

In order to take part in a poker competition, you have to log on, using an alias. You have to remember not to trust any of your opponents and probably you will be never cheated. Moreover, to improve your chances of winning in a game session you do not have to concentrate too much on the middle of the game, since exactly at this part of the game many competitors are being eliminated and going successfully through it, you have the great opportunity to hit the prize pool.

Instead of being confused and afraid, you should intimidate your opponents Just let them see how much chips you have got and you will certainly take lots of advantages of such an action. Never hesitate whether to utilize this trick or not, since it is a rewarding intimidator.

Play aggressive, if you have got a good hand. Actually, this strategy can also work out even when your cards are not so good. Here we have to mention that bluffing may work, but you have always to remember that your opponent can also utilize such a strategy. Hence, you must pay attention to his/her playing style in order to find out whether he/she bluffs or not.

As a conclusion we have to pay regard to the fact that during a poker competition there is a moment to fight and a moment to fold. In fact, if you realize that this hand is a losing battle, actually there are two choices. First, you can try to deceive your opponents and second, to let your hand pass and just hope to do better in the next round. Never forget that the consistency is one of the most important moments in poker.

Poker is a game of chance and luck, but nevertheless it also requires skills and knowledge. To be a proficient poker gambler is a matter of time and practice. Take your time, play online poker, read regularly our articles and soon you will make a remarkable profit. There is nothing more interesting and exhilarating than poker, so take a shot!

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Books That Will Sharpen Your Poker Skills Fri, 16 Jun 2017 04:44:07 +0000 Everybody will tell you that reading poker books is very useful if you have already decided to play this amazing card game. These books are very important because of the knowledge that they give us. Nowadays, Internet can replace everything, but reading poker-related books is still a key part of your preparation for participating in tournament events.

Playing poker is very exciting, but if you want to become a winning poker player you should read a lot of books – they will surely help you improve your play.

Every professional poker player remembers the first poker book he has read. When you are a newbie and have started reading books, you think that you can’t remember all the information in it, but it is not true at all. The best thing you can do is apply all the knowledge you have collected after reading a book. You should start analyzing what you’ve read and practice it immediately. It is a good idea for you to stay in front of the computer and play online poker with a book in your hands.

When you are a beginner and you are in difficult situation while playing poker, you could look through a book and find the needed answers. So it is better to start playing online poker, because no one at a real poker table will wait for you to browse a book. Remember that the book, which are dedicated to a particular part of poker gaming – for example poker strategy or rules or tips, are more useful, than just one book explaining all that.

Gambling Theory and Other Topics is the book that will explain you the mathematics of gambling, bankroll fluctuation and calculating pot odds. The author – Mason Malmuth is famous with his detailed and useful poker books. If you are a fan of David Sklansky and his articles, you can find them all in Poker, Gaming & Life. Awarded with ‘the best poker dealer training book’ prize, Professional Poker Dealer’s Handbook by Dan Paymar, Donna Harris and Mason Malmuth will be very useful for you if you want to learn something more about the dealing in the game of poker. This book will establish a standard in the industry, will assure all readers that poker will continue to grow and prosper in the future.

As the best book, dedicated to the poker theory, is defined The Theory of Poker by David Sklansky. The book puts you inside the talent of the greatest poker players in the world. It will teach you the most important things you should know when you play poker. The book will describe you the process of becoming an advanced poker player and will give you some important advices you should follow. Another David Sklansky’s book became very famous and took the prize for the best tournament poker book – it is Tournament Poker for Advanced Players. This is the first ever written book about tournament tactics, which a small number of players have used. Here you will be introduces all-in strategy, how to make deals, how to play at the final table and much more.

There is one great thing that will help you improve your play when you gamble online. No matter how detailed are the online poker rooms’ explanations, you will need to read books in order to become a successful player. Remember that reading more poker books will train your mind, improve you skills and give you the needed knowledge to participate in poker tournaments.

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Improving Your Poker Skills Fri, 16 Jun 2017 04:44:05 +0000 It will take you a long time if you want to become a skillful poker player and benefit of the game of poker. You should learn the rules of the game, some winning tips, some useful strategies and tactics and many more. Once you have become a professional player, you will try hard to play better and better and to win more and more often.

As human beings, we have the talent to improve our possibilities. So an important part of playing poker is improving your play day after day. This will make the game more interesting for you and will surely increase your chances for winning.

First of all, you should keep reading books and learning more and more techniques for playing successful poker. In almost every big supermarket there is a bookstall, where you will find books, dedicated to the oldest card game. Buying a poker book is as expensive as buying an adventure novel, with the only difference that reading a poker book could make you rich. The money, which you will invest in poker books can increase several times. In stores, there are a lot of poker handbooks, which will learn you how to control your emotions, how to recognize your opponents’ reactions, how to improve your playing skills and so on.

If you want to become a better poker player, you should keep on playing and risking no matter what will happen. In this way, you will be able to see all your mistakes and convert them in big advantages. Don’t afraid to play your hands, because this will make you a loser and your play difficult to be changed. Hiding your emotions is one of the keys for a good poker competition. When you play poke, you meet a lot of people with too different characters and if you let your emotions lead you, you will surely become a looser. If you want to succeed, let all problems and emotions out of the table. Concentrate on the game and you will see that this will bring you happiness and of course – real money. Remember that poker is just a game and no matter whether you win or lose, try not to be too emotional.

Don’t play in a free competition, because this won’t improve your gaming skills. In free games there are a lot of players, who just bluff too much, because they have nothing to lose. When real money are wagered, you can see a real poker gaming. In such games don’t give up if you lose money. The moment when your luck will surprise you, will come soon. Every loss is another lesson for you, so when you start playing poker, it will be stupid to give up because of some losses. In poker there are winnings and losses and the only thing you should remember is to be a proud loser and unostentatious winner.

You will meet different people with different characters, so everyone of them will have his own style of playing. When you learn from the best players, you will need to adapt their way of playing to your own style. Don’t copy the other players’ behavior, have your own style of playing and try to improve your skills while playing poker at Party Poker. But if you play poker not just for fun, but to go in higher level, after every competition you will have to analyze your game. If you have just lost the game, you should ascertain the reason for your loss. If you have won, you should remember all your acts and use them in your future events.

Observe carefully the other players’ reactions and vary your play – try to play as a beginner, as a professional player, as tight-aggressive or as loose-passive player. In every different situation you will see different reactions on you play. Remember them and soon you will have the ability to predict your opponents’ responses. Don’t make the mistake to think that everyone at the table thinks in the same way you do.

Holding strong cards doesn’t mean that you will win – dont’t think yourself as a winner before the game ends, because sometimes you can be badly surprised. Remember that poker is a game and you play for money, so don’t underestimate your opponents. You must show them that you respect your game and you will not give away the the victory.

Being a poker player is perhaps the most exciting and at the same time easy thing. If you want to go on a higher level, you should better your playing skills day after day. Reading and learning these common advices will certainly improve your play and you will soon become an experienced Party Poker player.

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Play Poker Free Online Thu, 15 Jun 2017 04:44:13 +0000 Since when the game of poker exactly dates is a matter of debate. It was thought that the name of the game comes from the French word poque, that comes from the German pochen (‘to knock’). The English actor Joseph Crowell wrote that the game was first played in New Orleans in 1829, with a deck of 20 cards and four players, who competed for the most valuable hand.

The game has been spread up the Mississippi and West during the Golden Rush. Poker becomes popular on the other continents tanks to the USA soldiers. In the beginning the competitors played poker just for fun, but later during the Golden Rush, they started playing it for money. Nowadays people can play poker for free or for real money and if you want to practise it without giving and money, free poker games are just for you.

Rules of the free poker games are the same as the ordinary poker’s rules. When you play poker, you will compete against 1 to 9 computer players, who are real persons, not programs or a kind of software. Everybody will tell you that free poker games are easier than others, but that is not true. First, if you want to be a good player, no matter whether you play in real poker tournament or in free one, you should know the rules. Playing poker well is a consequence of a long process of learning all tiny things about it. Probably all poker players realize that free poker is very appropriate for beginners. The fact, that in free poker they don’t lose any money, makes them more concentrated and devoted to the game.

Free poker gaming may see pointless to many players, but if you think about the goal of playing it, you will see that it is very useful. Usually the beginners want to play for free, because they don’t want to lose or win money, but just to learn how to play this card game. Remember that the main benefit of playing real-money games is the money you could win. And if you are a new poker player you won’t enjoy at all. All new players should play free poker mostly to learn how to play better, how to control their emotions, how to read their opponents and so on. The point of the game should not be to collect play money chips, but learn how to accumulate real money chips.

If you learn to win in free games, you will soon be able to win in a real money tournament. When you are a newbie, you think that free games are only for weak players, but if you play such kind of poker, the chance to learn more about the game is higher. In all free poker games you will meet both professionals and very weak poker players. Playing against expert players you will have the chance to remember their best acts and use them when you play for real money. Watching the trained players’ play you will see the strategies, tricks and tactics, which will help you improve your play.

Playing free poker games you will have the opportunity to learn thoroughly the rules of the game, the specific ticks and many other useful things. Just like in real-money poker, everyone wants to leave the game as a winner. Remember that if you can win a free poker game, you won’t have any difficulties to win a real-money one.

The game of poker is a puzzle of strategies and tactics, which every new player should master. But to learn the game down to the last detail, you should play for free for a long time. One of the best ways for every beginner to remember the game’s rules, strategies and tips is to play for free. Practising free poker will make you a potential winner.

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Bad Beats in Poker Thu, 15 Jun 2017 04:44:11 +0000 If you have played poker for a long time, then you have surely had the chance to join some great events. And you probably have received hands, which are also called ‘Bad Beats’. If you have been dealt such hands, then you know the real taste of the defeat.

If you ask an experienced poker player, he can tell you such exciting stories, which you have never heard. ‘Bad Beats’ are among the most interesting poker stories. Everyone enjoys listening about these obviously absurd winnings with a happy end.

As a ‘Bad Beat’ is determined a very strong hand with great chances for winning, which hand finally loses the pot, beaten of a poor in the beginning hand. For example if you have KK and your opponent has 23, you are completely sure that the Aces will win. But if the other player decides to risk and raise and the flop comes with K72, with your three Kings you are still convinced of your victory. But unfortunately the turn and the river bring 22 and you find yourself beaten with three Kings against four 2.

In every different variant of poker you can see different kinds of bad beating. In Texas Holdem for instance, the worst beat comes after the flop, when a player has two very strong cards. If you have a hand, made of A3 and your opponent holds AA, the flop brings A53 and the last two cards are 33, then you will overcome your opponent with four 3 and your opponent remains with his ‘Bad Beat’ hand. The situation in Omaha is not so different than in Holdem. If your hand is made of 3332 and your opponent’s hand is AAA3, the flop cards are QJ3 and there is no Ace in the following two cards, you will win the pot. As you can see, in the beginning of the hand your opponent has better chances to become the winner. In Seven Card Stud defining the worst ‘Bad Beat’ hand is a little more difficult. The only chance for the player with the worst hand to win the pot is to get one perfect card, while the favorite also catches this only card in the deck and it does not improve his hand. Here is an example – for hands as AK7532 for you and QQQ842 for the other player, the cards you need to form a better hand and overcome the other player are AA or KK. In Five Card Stud the perfect ‘Bad Beat’ is when you have K72 against your opponent’s KK9 and the following two cards are 22.

Don’t forget that online poker is much faster than the real one. So you should expect that good hands will appear two, even three times faster than in ordinary poker. So the chances to be beaten by a poor hand is larger. When you play you can see that two players with good hands can built up the pot and then someone else with a poor hand to win it. It is very unpleasant situation, but it occurs quite frequently. For most of us these bad beats are very interesting to be seen. In the history of poker there are a lot of great bad beats.

A remarkable one is the final table of the 1995 World Series of Poker main event. The only woman, who have ever played at this final event – Barbara Enright, fought against Brent Carter. He had a poor hand, made of 63. Barbara moved all-in and Brent decided to call and risk all his chips. He eliminated Barbara by flopping both a 6 and a 3 for two pairs. In 2003 World Series of Poker Chris Moneymaker was the hero with such beatings. During the day 4 of World Series of Poker main event, he first overcame Humberto Brenes and then Phil Ivey. Chris beat the well-known poker player Humberto Brenes with an extremely bad starting hand. He had 8s in his pocket cards, while Brenes showed pocket Aces, so Brenes had bigger chances to win the pot. But finally Moneymaker overcame Brenes thanks to Brenes’ ‘Bad Beat’ hand. In similar way Chris eliminated Phil Ivey – the flop bring him two Queens, which improved his hand. When the dealer showed the other card – an Ace, Chris Moneymaker won for the second time this day.

As you see playing poker is as fun as you make it for yourself. When you win with bad hands you feel much better than when you win with strong hands. But as every poker player can suppose, nobody wants to be dealt a ‘Bad Beat’ hand.

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Reading Your Poker Opponents Wed, 14 Jun 2017 04:44:19 +0000 Texas Holdem is a community game, which means that you should overcome all the other players at the table in order to become the winner. The object of the game is to create higher card combination than your rivals. But if you make them believe that your cards are great they will probably be afraid to play against you and they fold. In this situation, you will be the winner.

I am sure that you are aware of the importance of reading your opponents when playing because they are a significant indicator for your success. But what is the reason – if you play only the monster hands you will be able to win without any troubles. Yes, I agree, but this will make the game so boring – the thrill is to risk and then win. Furthermore, this strategy will not be beneficial if you are going to participate in a tournament.

Let’s start with some explanations about the starting hands. Imagine that you are playing longhand Texas Holdem and you are dealt J8. You know that this is not the best starting hand, but it can be worth playing it if you know what type of players are your opponents. For example playing such decent hand against tight players is inadmissible because it is sure that if a tight gambler makes a bet he has solid cards. So, there is no sense to continue playing. On the other hand, these two cards can be very beneficial if you are playing against a calling-station, because he will continue calling your bet, which is not bad for you. As you can guess, if you know what kind of players your rivals are you will know how to play against them.

On the Flop some of your opponents will fold their cards. This is an extremely important moment in the Texas Holdem game because you should watch the playing manner of the others. This will reveal you a lot of information about the competition and if you spot a weak place you should attack exactly there. For example, when you notice that there is a player, who bluffs a lot the next time you cough him you will make him lose the game, just because you know that bluffing is his distinguishing feature.

Reading your opponents is the best strategy which you can use in a poker tournament. Each experienced player will tell you that when it comes to tourneys the most important indicator for your success is to decide whether your opponents are trying to bluff you or not. You can do this only if you are an experienced players who have spend hours of watching the others and try to read they body language.

In order to learn how to read the rest of the players you have several options, which will polish your skills. The first of them is to play Texas Holdem and watch the others. This is the most recommended way but unfortunately it can take you much time. The next option is really simple but also beneficial. On the Internet you can find a lot of programs, which will help you to enter useful information about your rivals. After a short time you will see that you unnoticeably make characteristics of the others.

Reading your opponents will make you a constant winner, because this is one of the most fundamental strategy concepts that you can use.

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The World Poker Tour Wed, 14 Jun 2017 04:44:17 +0000 Nowadays the popularity of poker increases almost every single minute. If you are a passionate poker fan, you probably know about the numerous poker tournaments, which take place all over the world. Everyone who has been playing poker for a quite long time, dreams to be a part of some large tournaments.

Participating and winning such competitions will bring everyone a world fame and of course a large amount of money. One of the greatest and world-famous tournament is the World Poker Tour.

World Poker Tour is considered to be the first and the only weekly television show in the USA. It is also the only broadcast that shows all players’ cards to the audience. This is made possible by several special cameras inserted in the tables. When the number of the participants goes down to six, the final table is formed. The last game is filmed on a big stage, in front of the spectators. The cameras show all player’s cards, so you can see who is bluffing, who is leading the game and so on. Commentators of the event are the poker champion Mike Sexton and the veteran actor and poker expert Vince Van Patten. The model Shana Hiatt was a host and a reporter during the first three seasons of the World Poker tour tournaments. The famous reporter Courtney Friel was the fourth season’s host. These hosts explain some of the strategies, used by players and talk about some tactics and playing skills.

The first season of the World Poker Tour tournament started at the end of 2002 and continued during the first months of 2003. It aired on the Travel Channel on the American cable television in the spring of 2003. World Poker Tour made its network debut on 1st of February 2004 on NBC. It was created by Casino mogul Lyle Berman and the TV Producer Steve Lipscomb. These educated businessmen knew, that with 50 million poker players in the USA and over 100 millions all over the world this televised tournament can became the most famous TV show. The key for success was that the show was produced in an entertaining and unique way.

How the World Poker Tour championship passes – when you are already a part of the tournament, you will be given a preliminarily determined amount of chips, which is equal for all participants. The continuance of the championship is not defined – players compete until just one acquired all of the chips. The winner takes 30-35% of the whole prize pool. The player, who finishes last at the final table also wins a percentage of the prize pool.

If you can afford the big direct buy-in (around few thousand dollars) or win an online satellite tournament, you can play against some of the world’s best poker players. One of the attractions at the World Poker Tour is the Ladies Night, where six of the top women poker players compete face to face. One of the most interesting things about the tournament is the Walk of Fame, created in 2004. It was made in honor of all great participants, who have played in all World Poker Tour events. In February 2004, the members of this Walk of Fame were introduced at the Commerce Casino. The next group was included in February 2006.

The winners at the World Poker Tour tournaments became ones of the most successful and world-famous poker players forever. Howard Lederer was the first-season’s champion. He started playing poker after his family moved to Las Vegas. In 2005 he won the World Series of Poker and became second at the World Poker Tour championship, all his tournament winnings are about $2,700,000. The winner in the second World Poker Tour season is Erick Lindgren – in 2005 he became second at the World Series of Poker. This year he finished third at the 2006 Borgata Winter Poker Open and his total winnings are approximately $3,300,000. The champion at the 2005 World Poker Tour – Daniel Negreanu, finished first at the 2006 WSOP Circuit Championship at Grand Casino-Resorts in Tunica. His total amount of tournament winnings exceeds $35,000.

As you see all these players have made large amounts of money by participating in the World Poker Tour. Being a competitor in such large poker tournament will give you the opportunity to become a professional poker player. And if you want to be well-prepared for the World Poker Tour or other big tournaments, playing online is probably the best school for you – take part in its daily tournaments, improve your play and you will have real chances to win a seat and even to become first at the World Poker Tour Championship.

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Play Winning Poker Tue, 13 Jun 2017 04:44:24 +0000 Poker is an interesting and entertaining game to play and if you play it well you can win big amounts of money. But actually, poker is also a game of skills and good techniques. If you want to become a winner, knowing only the basic rules of the game won’t help you very much. To be acquainted with some common poker tips is also a necessity.

First of all, you should choose the appropriate moment for playing poker. If you don’t feel good or something is bothering you, it is better to play later. Playing poker needs a concentration, because it is a highly thinking process. Leaving all your problems out of the poker table will bring you a guaranteed success.

Before you start playing the game, you should learn when it is suitable to check, bet or call, raise or fold. Every good poker player examines all these acts and decides which of them is appropriate for the exact moment. One thing that can bring you a success is watching your opponents’ play with all its details. Calculating the other players’ odds will also make your game better. If the odds of your opponents are in their favor and you hold an average hand, just stay passive. Knowing whether to play your starting hand or not, considering your position at the table and choosing the right moment to bet will certainly help you to make the right decisions.

If you want to win in a poker game, one of the important things is to join a table where there are at least two weak players. This will give you a higher possibility to be among the winners. Your position at the poker table is also very important – if you are in a late position, the chances to play your hand are higher. And if you have both good position and good cards, you should raise immediately. But if you play from early position and you hold a weak hand, be patient and wait for a better moment to play. Most of the poker players are very impatient and believe me, it doesn’t help them at all. Such players can’t wait for the right hand, at the right time, in the right game. They try to force the action, which surely will make them losers. So if you want to win, just wait for the right hand and play it in the right moment.

Greediness is one of the most unpleasant parts of the poker gaming. Some players are sure that their winnings will never stop and are ready to use all their money for playing. One thing you should remember – learn to manage your money – this will make you richer and happier. When you play poker, put all money you have won in a box. Use this money only for playing poker and if your income comes generally from playing poker, be very careful about the money you wager. But if you play just for fun, risk more, because who knows – you can win a lot of real cash from only one game. Every good poker player must learn to be both a loser and a winner – remember that you can’t win every game.

If you are a beginner, one of the best ways for you to learn how to play poker is to watch how the professionals behave during the game and remember every single detail of their play. You will improve your skills with every game you play, so finally your mind will be full of tricks and winning strategies, which will bring you a successful game. But sometimes you need to change your tactics – this will confuse your opponents and help you to win. The body language is very important in poker, so just try to learn to recognize what the other bodies tell you.

To become a winner, you must choose precisely which kind of poker game is the most suitable for you. This will bring you a pleasure and success when you play it. Knowing how to act is also very important during a poker game. To be an aggressive or tight player depends on the situation and the other players at the table. But sometimes trust your instincts, because in most of the cases they are right.

If all these tactics seem interesting and useful to you, just use them when you play poker. Applying these winning tips a lot of newbies become professional poker players and win big prizes. Use these winning tips and make easy money, probably these advices will make you the next WSOP champion!

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Playing Multiple Poker Tables Simultaneously Tue, 13 Jun 2017 04:44:21 +0000 A lot of online poker players want to try something different, which to diversify their poker play. Fortunately, the online poker services are well-developed and even the most capricious gamblers will be satisfied. From the text below you can learn about one of the most exciting options, the multiple table play. 

The multiple table play is an unique service, which goal is to provide all players with more fun and excitement. It permits you to enjoy your favorite game variation and allows you to win more money. If you select this mode you will be able to play poker at several tables, which will increase your chances to add extra money to your account. Thanks to the software, you can play at many tables at the same moment. Read how to take full advantage of this incredible offer.

The multiple table play is not an appropriate decision for all players. If you are a beginner, playing at more tables will not be beneficial for you because you are not still familiar with the game and you do not know much about its strategy and betting rounds. You know that in the poker games, the strategy and the logic are the only things that matter and you should be able to react in the most adequate way in each situation in order to win every time you sit at the table. Unfortunately, the new players have not still developed their poker potential enough and that is why the multiple table play is not recommended for them.

Furthermore, the players, who choose the multiple table play should possess some skills, which to help them during the game. You need to be very concentrated because you are going to play several different games in the same time – this can be very exhausting even for professional poker players. The fast reactions are another indicator for your success that is why should constantly gaining experience.

Here are some tips for the players who prefer the multiple table play. First of all, start increasing the numbers of the tables that you are playing simultaneously really slow. Don’t push yourself by start playing at four tables in the beginning. Give yourself some time to get used to this playing style and its tempo. Another tips is not to get too focused in any of the tables you play. In the beginning you should pay attention only to some basic things – who raises Preflop, who is a calling station, what is the competition at the table as a whole. After playing several hands you will see that you are able to make your decisions faster. After some time you can become more concentrated in the games, because the possibility of confusing yourself diminishes with the improvement of your skills.

You can try the multiple table play and I am sure that you will like it a lot. The though of winning more money is tempting for all players and that is why some of them choose this game mode. So, don’t waste your time – download and install the software and start playing. Undoubtedly, the multiple table play will polish your skills and turn you into solid winner.

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